Living Legacy at Lowry Park

Many of you remember the picture, where it appeared that Eli painted “his letter E in the sky, just above Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park. And, to my surprise, many of you even recognized the appearance of a boy on the right side of the picture. 
This was a very emotional moment for me, (Eli’s Mom), when his younger brother, Maverick said, “Look Mommy! I think Eli is in the clouds over there!” And, when I looked up to where he was pointing, the above picture is what I saw! Talk about jaw dropping. 
You see, this was one of Eli’s favorite places to visit and he actually had a field trip with his VPK class, just 2 short weeks before his unexpected departure to Heaven. Needless to say, it was very difficult for me to bring his 2 younger brothers back, 2 years after our last visit with Eli. So, when I saw the Masterpiece in the sky, my heart was blessed, knowing that somehow, someway Eli was a part of our day. 
During our visit, we sat on a very nice bench to eat a quick lunch, when I noticed there was a granite plaque with an inscription on it. The bench had been commemorated with the name of someone’s beloved. I instantly imagined “Elijah Vincent Aubin” memorialized on one of these benches. And, as I pondered more about it, I thought perhaps we could even include this Foundation, as a means for others to learn about our sweet boy, therefore helping to continue his legacy, and ultimately leading others back to Jesus. Wow, what an amazing opportunity!
*******And, we wanted to share that gift with all of you, by giving you an opportunity to own a piece of the bench! This could be a place friends and family could visit, take pictures on, leave Treasures at, all the while knowing they made a difference and they are a part of Eli’s Living Legacy at Lowry Park!*******
We asked and you all delivered! For Eli’s 7th Birthday we were able to donate $2,500 to Lowry Park Zoo and have a bench ordered that has been commemorated in honor of Elijah! The bench finally came in December, 2021! We believe this bench is an open door to sharing God’s love to all that rest upon it. We recently had the opportunity to visit and will soon post pics! 
The granite plaque reads: In Honor of Our Son, Elijah Vincent Aubin, Eli’s Treasures Foundation.  
So many thanks to all of you who took part in this precious gift for Eli!! You have paved the way for this message of Hope to be brought to all who happen upon this beautiful bench. 


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